20 photos of unexpected treasures

When we find something unexpected, sometimes we’re as happy as we are surprised. You’ll see some examples of this in the photos below.

When you go to a thrift store or even just walking on the street, it’s possible to come across some amazing finds. These treasures come in all shapes and sizes, but they may also be so bizarre that they deserve to be shared on the internet.

Here are 20 photos that show some people’s unusual discoveries.

1. This thrift store has a corner dedicated to Keanu Reeves.

© m00psiecuddle / Reddit

2. A tree trunk that strangely resembles Van Gogh's Starry Night

© b**rlyqualified / Reddit

3. All this cash was discovered under a drawer in an old cabinet.

© Lctxtech / Reddit

4. This cutout figure was discovered along a highway in the middle of nowhere and is 10 feet tall!

© livingformusic / Reddit

5. A snowman hanging on a tree like a koala…

© Reddit336 / Reddit

6. This woman just found a laundry basket that matches her phone case.

© dizzycrazycheesy / Reddit

7. A little house in the woods

© CouchPotatoFamine / Reddit

8. While taking out the trash, this guy found a camera in perfect condition – with all its accessories!

© Captain_Kirk713 / Reddit

9. A wooden stick library for dogs at the beach!

© Jay-Eff-Gee / Reddit

10. An avocado pit that looks like a dragon's egg

© MalojO_o / Reddit

11. A dead leaf suspended in ice

© jalyndai / Reddit

12. A giant lemon found on a walk

© ComfortableService8 / Reddit

13. A jar of tomato sauce that can be used as a glass once the sauce is gone

© Ki_ro / Reddit

14. The money this kid saved for his 18th birthday way back when he was 10

© SarcasticMonkeys_ / Reddit

15. A two-toned lobster

© Lonely-Neighborhood5 / Reddit

16. A chess board for three players

© kpek14 / Reddit

17. A figurine of a cat (who apparently never skipped arm day!)

© Fubs85 / Reddit

18. This tree in Morocco is like a jungle gym for goats

© h3nryfu / Reddit

19. This fence was made to represent each of the owner's friends...

© Wiskid86 / Reddit

20. This lady went looking for shark teeth with her daughter at the beach. When her daughter yelled that she had found some teeth, she didn’t expect to see this! 

© ProbablyNotDrew / Reddit