20 situations that would put anyone's patience to the test

Patience is a virtue, and the following photos will probably put yours to the test!

Some situations require a degree of composure that deserve a medal if we manage to avoid having a total meltdown. Things can even get so irritating we want to pull our hair out strand by strand...

How would you react if you found yourself in one of these 20 infuriating situations?

1. The package clearly said "Do Not Bend"

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2. They couldn't figure out where they'd put the remote control. 2 hours later they got up from the couch.

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3. When you get to the last egg and it breaks, adding egg white to a yolk-only recipe

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4. Her roommate hates washing up, so throws dirty utensils and crockery in the trash

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5. When only half a pair is delivered

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6. Their parents decided to deprive them of privacy and removed their bedroom door

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7. When there's only 4 of your favorite flavor

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8. "All Lime" means "All Lime" not "Sour"

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9. He ordered 30-odd books and they came in separate packaging

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10. When your Roomba finds a pile of plaster and spreads it all over the floor

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11. How not to motivate your kids

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12. His wife ate the marshmallows but left the rest

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13. His girlfriend decided to sharpen the knife herself

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14. How to destroy a cable

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15. The ad said the house came with a pool

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16. One of her husband's most infuriating habits

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17. Plus they were running late

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18. This person resuses their glass without washing it...

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19. When your fridge stocks 9 eggs max

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20. Seriously? They eat avocados like this?

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