20 uber-cool designs that deserve thunderous applause

The best designs are those that make everyday life easier.

Whether it's added customer service in a Ukrainian or Chinese hotel, or a new twist on a simple pizza box, some designers continually prove their genius when it come to creative ideas, and the internet is the perfect place to share them.

Here are 20 photos of uber-cool designs and ideas that deserve to take the world by storm.

1. A pizza box that turns into a table

© BostonPizzaCanada / Youtube  

2. This Chinese hotel gives patrons a mini-streetmap to show to taxi drivers

© why_im_single / reddit  

3. This ski resort restaurant has storage under the chairs for gloves, hats and goggles

© kazarnowicz / reddit  

4. Get the perfect water temperature without being soaked

© IBeBobbyBoulders / reddit  

5. Say goodbye to sliding pizzas

© SaekoZ2 / reddit  

6. This hotel mirror gives patrons a weather forecast

© mynamesafad / reddit  

7. If you're fed up of dirty kitchen work surfaces

© Alentheflannel / reddit  

8. Secure umbrella storage!

© convivialcor / reddit  

9. A hotel alarm clock with the time on 3 sides

© ecklesweb / reddit  

10. Pre-threaded sewing needles

© MechEGuy / reddit  

11. This Ukrainian hotel changes the elevator carpet each day!

© SpartanKing76 / reddit  

12. A shower head that lights up so you can see if the water's hot or cold

© jam11249 / reddit  

13. An airport restroom that tells you when a cubicle is free

© bellz2 / reddit  

14. An elevator that lets you use your foot instead of your hand

© Chrnan6710 / reddit  

15. No more flatpack nightmares!

© Doctor_Nu****k / reddit / reddit  

16. These yellow lines run up the wall to make it easier to park

© Cindypi13 / reddit  

17. Integrated toilet seat for kids

© LKPete / reddit  

18. Choose your view by moving the backrest!

© thoughtg** / reddit  

19. Keep track of your doses!

© CptnBo / reddit  

20. Test the strollers on different surfaces before you buy!

© eyedubb / reddit