20 useful tips that make everyday life easier

We all love ways to make everyday life easier and here are a few ideas to get you started!

For example using a laptop in bed isn't the easiest of things, but someone has shared a tip to make it simple and safe. Social networks mean we can share our tips and hacks in a click, so we've put together 20 everyday life-changing ideas that we think you'll love!

1. Unlike many fruits, grapes freeze really well!

© ansonevox / Reddit

2. A simple and safe solution

© ZooneyLooney / Reddit

3. No long matches? Use spaghetti or linguine

© Octopuscatarm / Reddit

4. No more tired fingers!

© Nextdy / Reddit

5. So the punch ladle doesn't end up in the bowl

© BolognaFlavored / Reddit

6. Perfect for storing nails and screws

© cute-e-lad / Reddit

7. Eat your burger over your fries so they catch any dripping sauce

© BunnybrainFluffybuns / Reddit

8. Store ice cream in a freezer bag to keep its creamy texture

© Kondri1213 / Reddit

9. Avoid sticky fingers!

© pbt1127 / Reddit

10. Use a strip of Velcro to reduce ring sizes

© JustyOz / Reddit

11. Put chips in an empty Pringles tube to avoid noisy packets

© jchabotte / Reddit

12. For days when you don't have any change on you

© that_guy_john_c / Reddit

13. Wrap a lettuce leaf around the filling and avoid any spillages

© B-ha-P / Reddit

14. Use baking paper as a window blind

© atXNola / Reddit

15. So you never drink stale coffee again

© Toytacoman / Reddit

16. Use a jar wrapped in foil

© no1krampus / Reddit

17. For anyone with a cat that loves scratching furniture

© bailtails / Reddit

18. Buy washing up liquid in large, discounted containers and transfer it bit by bit into a reusable plastic bottle

© Mimbro7884 / Reddit

19. Pre-prepare a few sheets for when you need to clean your hands or wipe a surface

© ocean-of-emptiness / Reddit

20. A great way to recycle milk cartons

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