22 classic food fails that could happen to any of us!

Cooking comes from the heart... Serving up a delicious meal for our friends and family is a pleasure that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  But not everyone is blessed with culinary skills, despite their desire to treat their entourage to a mouth-watering treat. Sometimes it's from lack of experience - we've all had our culinary disasters - or it may be because we don't pay attention and end up with a catastrophe on a plate.

Here are 22 people who were hoping to show off their cooking abilities only for it to all go horribly wrong.

1. This guy wanted to surprise his wife with a tasty meal, but only managed to cook the chopping board

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2. When your pizza disintegrates before your eyes

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3. We think it's supposed to be SpongeBob SquarePants, but we're really not sure...

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We just hope it tastes better than it looks!

4. When your meal looks like a chemistry experiment

© girlschannel  

What do you think? Chocolate sauce?

5. When your buns look like barfing babies

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Please kill them now!

6. When a horse turns out to be a blob

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Next time follow the recipe down to the last letter...

7. Yes, pressure cookers are dangerous!

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If you don't take care they will explode!

8. When your husband makes you breakfast in bed

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Hilarious - it looks like an alien!

9. Sometimes shop-bought is better

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When a cute hedgehog turns into a psychopath

10. Don't assume that using a bread-making machine will guarantee the perfect loaf!

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Thankfully most grocers stock fresh bread!

11. One reason why we should all invest in a good pair of oven gloves

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Shame - it looks like it could have been really tasty!

12. How many times were we told not to cook with plastic utensils...?

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Mmm, melted green plastic for lunch!

13. Remember that microwaves heat things up REALLY quickly

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30 seconds is enough to heat up a mug of coffee

14. Ah, the pressure cooker strikes back!

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Next time make sure it's properly closed and the weight in place!

15. When your tasty dish turns into a baked nightmare

© londonladse/Reddit  

Preparing a baby-shaped meatloaf isn't the most appetizing idea!

16. "Help, my snowman's melted!"

© Jakexzz/Reddit  

Looking on the bright side, she could just say this was Slimer from Ghostbusters

17. An almost bunny?

© holyshitilove/Reddit  

Could have been worse, but this bunny still looks like it's on acid...

18. Yup, we know this one too!

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We're all guilty of breaking knives by trying to cut butter that hasn't softened

19. This woman asked her husband to peel half the potatoes

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We'll let him off the hook - he did kind of do exactly what she asked!

20. When you want to make your kids a tasty meal and then this happens...

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Kids hate spinach, but making a deranged, green Smurf's not going to help!

21. Fine cuisine requires a delicate touch

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At least he didn't chop his fingers off!

22. Dry spaghetti is flammable!  You can even use a strand to light candles!

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One way to cut down your portion size?

23. Innovative, but surely must take forever to cook?

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24. Ever tried using a clothes hanger as a skewer?

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What about you?  Are you a culinary MasterChef or a disaster waiting to happen? Leave your comments below!